This project is currently in process.

This project may never not be in process.

Throughout this website you will find the end result of my final project for Media Archaeology/Media Poetics held at CU Boulder. My intent is to document how I arrive at whatever “final” image, emphasizing the methods of creation over the result. Copy machines, laptops, laser printers, typewriters, iPads, Word, paint, scissors and tape will all be used. Each of these elements, these media, will be as much the artist as I am. How they interact, react, and dictate the result is the primary interest of this collection.

The process truly is this project.

You can follow the journey linearly by traversing The Process, where I have documented my path as I move forward. In an attempt to break the human instinct to move through time as such, though, The Process is the Project allows you to move in any direction you want. By starting in The Results, you begin at what could most accurately be called the end. Each Results page will also navigate you through the specific process of the image at hand. You can jump between images and posts which cross time and arise thematically instead. Internal hyperlinking creates a network within the project that allows for unique movement and interaction.

The Process is the Project openly archives my efforts towards an academic analysis, but also a personal experience. What I have tried to do, in minute form, is eliminate as best I could the privileging of knowledge and artifacts often associated with the archive. The slideshow of the Discarded Images attempts to dispel the unconscious effort to curate the content of an archive. I intend to emulate the base definition of the archive offered by Foucault, constructing The Process is the Project as “the general system of the formation and transformation of statements” (130). Here, the knowledge forms and transmits. The topic may be narrow, comprising just the efforts of my project, but the boundaries are open.

The contemporary popular use of computer devices and storage systems revolve around the personal archive. Each online interaction builds the collection seemingly without end. We routinely interact with, are subjected to and influenced by these devices which not only store our archive but dictate its production. The Process is the Project tries to remain aware of this fact and, while not necessarily working to break the deep seated connection between the human and the machine, attempts to draw back the veil cast over the eyes of the computer user.

Needless to say, all of the text and images included here is the original work and property of Angela Rovak. Feel free to contact me at angela.rovak@gmail.com for any inquiries.


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